The Ultimate Concierge Service


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Billionaire's Card Concierge is both personalized – creating solutions for individual requests – and scalable - a valuable resource available to exceed your expectations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a wonderful benefit that each member can use in a way that meets his or her particular needs. From quick adjustments to travel itineraries to long-term event planning, the value of your Billionaire's Card Concierges services is only limited by your imaginiation.


We fulfill millions of requests every year and each one offers a window into lifestyle trends and consumer demands of our ultra high net worth clients. The varied nature of these experiences allows us to innovate in ways that other brands can only dream of.


Emotion is the anchor of customer engagement and ultra high levels of customer service is our passion. We’re experts at forging meaningful relationships that allow us to anticipate our customer demands and be there when our customers need us the most. Our goal quite simply is to providie an indispensable service to our clients globally around the clock.


Each Platinum membership to Billionaire's Card concierge comes with a complimentary subscription to The Billionaire Magazine and the Billionaire Collection hardback book published quarterly.